Student Ombudsman Enquiry form

Send an enquiry to the QUT Student Ombudsman Office.

This form is for QUT students that are seeking advice on an administrative or academic matter OR; have a complaint that remains unresolved after they have followed the Grievance resolution procedures for student related grievances.


Please select one of the below options:

Please visit QUT - Report a Concern for information on how to raise a concern. If you are not a QUT student or staff member and your complaint does not fall within the areas listed above, you can submit a complaint by emailing This form will now close.

Third Party Authorisation

Please note, we will require evidence of the Third Party Authorisation (TPA) approval. We will check the student's QUT records for a TPA. Alternatively, please provide evidence of the authorisation by uploading in the attachments section of the form. If we are unable to determine authorisation approval, we will revert back to you to request evidence of the authorisation prior to responding to your matter.

If the QUT student is wanting you to discuss their matters with our office, the student will need to complete the Third Party Authorisation form. The TPA form enables students to authorise release of their personal information to a third party they nominate. Please note we will be unable to share any detail about the student with you until the TPA has been approved by QUT. Alternatively, please ask the student to complete this enquiry form themselves.

Student details

Please provide your QUT student email address as the Student Ombudsman Office will send all communications to your QUT student email. If you cannot access your QUT student email (i.e. if you are not currently enrolled), please provide an alternative email address. Otherwise, all communications will be sent to your QUT student email address. Please ensure you check your QUT email for a response to your enquiry.
(if applicable)

About your enquiry

Please note that if you are a QUT College student wanting to submit a Level 2 Appeal in the Attendance Process, you should select "I am wanting to submit a complaint."

Advice only

What matter are you seeking advice on?

About your complaint

What is your main complaint about?

Tell us what happened and when, in order of occurrence. Please note the form is limited to five occurrences.

Approximately what date did this take place?
Approximately what date did this take place?
Approximately what date did this take place?
Approximately what date did this take place?
Approximately what date did this take place?

Please note, if you haven't attempted to informally resolve your matter directly with the parties involved, you may be advised to do so in the first instance, as per Level One in the Three level grievance resolution process.

Upload any supporting documentation and/or evidence, i.e. PDF, JPEG, Excel, Word etc. Please note that file upload limit is 4MB.


Please note, if you do not consent, your identity will not be revealed to other departments of QUT. However, there may be limitations to the extent which anonymous enquiries can be fully investigated and/or resolved.